Mer's 'Net Tab Converter

Source Release Download and Usage Instructions.

This source release may not run in a debug build.  In my original implementation, I added functionality to the Parser Generator library in the form of two functions, yyparser::InitDebugging() and yylexer::InitDebugging().  Unfortunately, due to poor source control procedures (predating the SourceForge project environment) I lost the implementations to those functions and have not had a chance to evaluate the code to find out what must be done in those functions in order to make it run correctly in a debug build.  I believe that it should work except for the enhanced debugging features coded through the InitDebugging() functions, but I can't promise anything.

Here is the complete source snapshot as of 2002-08-12 at 10:00 am.  It is a MS Visual C++ 6 project, but should work under VS.NET as well though I have never tried it.