Mer's 'Net Tab Converter

Mer's 'Net Tab Converter is a program to convert guitar tab from a text format that is limited strictly to the guitar into a graphical sheet music format that is usable for any instrument.

The Users Guide explains in detail what the program does and how it works, including examples and screen shots.  This users guide is also the built-in help documentation within the program.

Here is a link to the project summary page.

Here is the original project proposal to SourceForge

2002-08-09: I am currently in the process of bringing the project online for the open source community.  I have a somewhat working version of the program which I will make available on the site ASAP, as well as the source code.

I have not yet fully learned how to use and administer all of the features provided by SourceForge who is hosting the project, so for now you can get a snapshot of the latest release and the latest source code here:

You can get a lot of guitar tablature from  OLGA also hosts or links to a variety of other guitar tab tools.

Until I get the "help wanted" and other related sections of the sourceforge project management stuff up and running, anyone interested in assisting with this project may contact me directly by email:  That goes for anyone with feature ideas or bug reports as well until I get those systems working on the summary page.

I will try to set up an announcements mailing list ASAP, and will send a limited number of announcements as the project comes online.  Until then, anyone interested in keeping up-to-date on this project should email me directly at and I will send you update emails when there are updates to this site.  If you do so, please include a list of the type of things you want to be alerted of, for example new binary releases, updates to the project website, creation of new mailing lists, creation of new discussion forums, or anything else you would like to know.

Help Wanted

I need software engineers with the following skills to assist with this project:

I could also use a hand setting up this web site if there are any web design experts who would like to lend a hand.  As you can see, this is a very rudimentary site that I whipped together as fast as I could, and it could use a wide range of enhancements, graphics, more content, etc.  You wouldn't have to be much of an expert to be able to help out on this.